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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Music Just Fucks With Me

From my experience, people get affected by things... differently. We all seem to have that one thing that just bores into out minds and our souls like a disgustingly beautiful, gut-wrenching, emotion-activating worm. My mom gets easily moved my movies, a friend of mine, by books, other friends, by comics or TV.

For me, it's music.

The generic girls/boys who are all 

Fools! You know nothing of the raw intensity that has to potential to alter your entire outlook in one note!
These are people I hate, because while maybe you "like" music, you don't appreciate it. You like shit that's catchy, or shit your friends like. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I've taken recommendations from friends about songs/bands, or like a good catchy tune every so often. I'm also not saying that just because you're not nearly as intense as I am, means you don't love/like music. 

HOWEVER! When you go around spouting shit like "music is my life", 97% of the time, it's not. Usually, the person saying that is an ignorant fuck who has no appreciation for talent or musical composition whatsoever, and likes whatever is popular at the time.

Music fucks me up. Not all music, not every song, but certain bands and certain songs I think actually have ability to change my brain chemistry. Certain songs have made me hallucinate, have made me depressed, and have made me write books or stories. They are so visually and mentally powerful, that I can't even think. 

(You may need to open this one in a separate screen)

I'm posting this now, because I have found a new artist who fucks with me. The last artist who had a good track record with destroying and rebuilding my soul was UNKLE, who creates songs so incredibly raw and overpowering that I cannot adequately describe them in words.

Sufjan Stevens is my new muse. He is positively godly. It may not sound like much the first couple of times you listen to it, it may sound innocent and sweet, but once you REALLY listen, it destroys you.
"To Be Alone With You" made me start crying uncontrollably the fourth time I listened to it last night, because I finally got it. It hit me, and wrecked me.

Anyways! Sorry to bombard you, fair Internet, with so much emotional babble, but I had to get that out! 
Tomorrow I'm going to get acrylic paints, so I should be painting my sculpture soon, and voila! 

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