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Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Lonely, But Not Too Lonely

Man-slave's gone out without me, like usual.

I usually don't get bored/lonely. But I s'pose Friday night's an appropriate time to be lonely.
I need to turn 19, seriously. Parties would never, ever stop.

I've watched a tad too much anime, and now I'm just... Bored. You can only watch so much at a time before you don't want to watch anymore. So, after folding and sorting all of my man-slave's clothing... I'm bored. And I know he'll be ungrateful, but I'm also obsessive-compulsive sometimes.

I'm close to posting emotional word-vomit, but nobody wants to read that. Besides, I don't know if I want Internet to see that.
Anyways, I do have a couple of personal triumphs and peeves.

We'll start with peeves!
This should really be the second installment of Things I Hate, but... no. I'm not THAT mad. I'm close to that mad though.
So, the Ontario Government actually made me chuckle today, while I was at the end of a line that would take me 40 minutes to progress through.
I was staring at the sign, and a the top it said:

Service Ontario:
Making it Easier.

Bullshit, Ontario. Bullshit.
Not only do they make it more difficult, but I think they actually enjoy doing so. But, I'm finally getting my goddamn Health Card, so in 2 to 3 weeks, I get to see the awful photo taken of me. It may or may not look something like this:

Now, it's not like I POSED like that (though, my eyeliner was thick), but have you ever gotten a photo ID that looks a LOT worse than you remember looking that day? I think that they photoshop you after you leave. They work with pissed off people ALL day. Maybe they deserve their fun, but not at my expense. They shall pay.

On another note, I need money for music. Particularly Sufjan Stevens, Seabound, and a few others. They're too obscure to download illegally. >.>
And money is also necessary for life. Luckily, soap and shampoo were on sale recently, because if they weren't I would be an unwashed gross person. 
I have 106 dollars for the next month. It might even be for the next two months. Usually, this would be perfectly fine. But I need to buy things, I need to survive. Luckily, my transit is taken care of this month, but I really need my damn OSAP. 
I'll end with a pretty picture, as per usual. G'bye! 

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