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Sunday, September 30, 2012

LATE NIGHT BLOGGING - (Yes, I Know it's Been Almost a Year)

Hey there, Internet. Yes, I know it's almost been a year. I also know that no one reads this, so it doesn't mean much. Maybe that's why I don't keep up with this thing as consistently as I would have liked. I think I'll try to do more posts than yearly. Y'know...

A lot has changed, Internet, so I don't much know where to begin. 

I'm still faithfully unemployed, and living at home with my mother. Both of those factors suck immensely, but they're not things that are easily changed. (The whole "job" thing is a might terrifying for me, and all...)

SO, I guess I should begin with the past year. I'll do a visual itemized list or some bullshit... I dunno... I'll have to check to see what's been important. 

So, in December I fainted for the... I think it was the first time. Of course, I fainted in probably one of the worst ways possible.

And.... I broke my teeth. I was really painful.

^ Yeaaaaah Dat sexy mouth right there is mine, and the front teeth are... yeah. Kind of broken. They're fixed now, obviously, but for awhile, I became a MASTER EXPERT SOUP CRAFTER. I also couldn't close my jaw... That was pretty shitty, and pretty much the crowning event of my December.

What else happened...? 

January was... boring. 


February is where all the action is~

So February, I Facebook married my wife (ie one of my best friends), and we celebrated on Valentine's Day with waffles.~

Obviously it looked better in real life. But waffles are delicious. 

February was also when I made an amazing new friend, whom, I will mention again later. But he's pretty important, y'know, to me.

March... Not much happened except for the fact that I discovered that I hate Natalie Portman. A lot.

Fuck that bitch. She made Thor less epic.

In April, my house went up for sale. At first, it was an exciting wait, thinking that, in no time, I'd be in my own apartment in Toronto. Of course... it didn't work out that way.  Now it just feels like... This....

So... still waiting for my house to sell. And of course, this means terribad financial straits, my mother getting crazier by the second, and everything going... atrociously. But eh. I still live a place. 

May was pretty awesome. Went to my second Kinetik Festival, and to yet another Anime North. Very good all around. EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT I BOUGHT A HEY! ARNOLD POSTER AND LOST IT. I'm still very disappointed in myself.

June... well by June, myself and this friend that I met in February, texted each other enough to basically write a full length novel DAILY. It was ridiculous. But amazing. And by that time we'd started making shit up like this...

Yes, before you ask, that is a Lumberjack Surfer God.

And then... in June I did two major emotional things that I probably should have much earlier in the year.

First, I cut certain ties with someone. It was very painful, and uncomfortable, but we're still friends, so it's not so bad. 

Secondly, I told this friend of mine that I had an emotional affinity towards him.

AND IT WAS RECIPROCATED. Which is awesome. 

And then we spent the summer in our underwear, watching Are You Afraid of the Dark, Sheep in the Big City, and Spider Man cartoons. 
Until my mom came home from a near two month excursion away, and then it was lame.

But it's still good. And it makes me feel all wiggly and happy. I don't like to be sentimental. 

And now it's... now. Really. Not much else has gone on. Just school, and still being mildly pathetic. 

That's some of my year, Internet. I'll try to update more, I suppose. I'll definitely write a riveting tale of triumph when I move out finally (whenever that will be).


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