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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Cable Guy is a Spy

Oi Vey. Not cool, world, not cool.
I... Am exhausted. The past few days have been hectic. Majorly hectic.  I have been running around trying to get things in order, on top of school work and the like for days.
I started packing Friday. I had to pack 90% of my stuff in 3 days. I have a lot of clothes, a lot of stuff, a lot of... everything.
And it was awful. For everyone.
Then, everything went more wrong than it was already going.

On Sunday night, my man-slave and I got some time alone, but that was ruined, royally, because I began experiencing awful, awful pain in my lower abdomen. I seriously thought I was dying, and couldn't move. An ambulance was called, but by the time I was all in and such, the pain was beginning to subside. 20 minutes of excruciating pain seemed like it was nothing.

And it was.

I went to the hospital at maybe... 10 at night. We were there until 12:30 am. or so. I also had to wake up at 8 am., to get everything else packed up and ready, and to move at 11 am.
The doctors also got me supremely paranoid, because they said I could be internally bleeding.

I decided that internal bleeding wasn't NEARLY as bad as waiting another 3 hours in the hospital. So, we went home. Clearly, I am still alive, so I think it was mild appendicitis.

Moving day was smoother, but I didn't get to help. My mom was freaking out and didn't want me to burst whatever caused that problem, so I didn't get to do much and felt really bad.

The most interesting part of moving day, in my opinion, was the Cable Guy. He was supremely shifty. I mean SPY shifty.

He had an accent, a HUGE mustache, and far too many pockets NOT to be a spy. I think he was Norwegian or Swedish. The Swedes are not as peaceful as we think, folks.

I think my cable guy is a spy. I can't be sure, but my man-slaves patriarch builds lasers. Steel-cutting lasers. Who WOULDN'T want to spy on a guy that builds lasers? Be on the look out, he wants your lasers too.

So, all in all, I'm not dead, and I don't intent to be any time soon.
So, here is the view from my new bedroom window:

Well, it's at an angle, but NEVER YOU MIND THAT.

Also, today, in Second Cup, I was just hanging out and not studying for the test that I should have studied for because I think I failed, I took some pretty cool pictures. So here yah go.

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  1. I enjoy your bloggy-ness :) lol
    Glad you are not dead D: