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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Always Thought...

Since childhood, I have been odd. Other kids didn't like me. I dug up rocks at the back of the playground while everyone else played soccer or something. I wouldn't know, I never played. 

I wasn’t excluded, though; I was targeted. I was an easy target for other kids who wanted something to tear apart. Perhaps it was the want for me to be invisible, that had me wishing I couldn’t be seen. What I mean is, that I was really, really small. I still kind of with that, to be honest. Not out of escapism, because I have friends now. More so out of interest and curiosity. I’d like a simple pillow to be a vast desert of comfort and cotton. The places you could sleep when you’re so tiny would be fantastic. I think it would just be interesting. 
The following is kind of... a concept shot. The world as we know it, just... bigger.

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  1. You were and still are one of the coolest and nicest people I have ever in my entire life been friends with! Just saying :) lol