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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Boredom: The Not-So-Silent Killer.

Boredom is a spiral. An awful, HORRID, spiral, that I have been the victim of for too long! TOO LONG! 
You start off, thinking things are cool.

Maybe you just got home. Maybe you just got up. Maybe you just read a book. No matter what, you just finished SOMETHING. Something big, something that was time-consuming, mostly likely a function of normal, every day life.

Then, you go on the computer.

Things are pretty cool for awhile. You go on Neopets, check your email like the important person you are. Mom emailed you... again. 
You check your various social networking sites. Facebook. And then Facebook again. Maybe some videos catch your eye.
Then you're done your things on the internet for the day.

But... no. That can't be! There has to be something else. You thought you were totally more important than that and would have 546215618944.021 emails to check. What about spam? No? You already deleted it?
So you go back, and redo all the things you did before, still hopeful of things being okay.

And you check your email every five minutes for the next 2 hours. 

You do this, only to discover that you are not as important as you once thought. You have no emails to check, nobody sends you messages on Facebook anymore.

You try to watch TV, but nothing works. You desperately want to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to relieve yourself of this spiral. 
You want to do something, because you're bored, but you're bored because you don't want to do anything.
So, you end up sitting in your boyfriend's boxers, watching reruns that have been playing since the 90's, and drawing whales. 

And that was last night.

Tomorrow I'll be better and post prettier pictures.
I'm recovering from 4 days of sleeplessness. I have awful insomnia and no internet access at home.

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