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Friday, October 15, 2010

Eating Roses on a Purple Table: Quite a "Reasounable" Day

After a hiatus of 4 days, I'm bored again! And, I have a lot to write about, so you better be bored too, Internet.

So, as much as I kept forgetting, and continue to forget, my age has changed, as of, 2 days ago. October 13th was a pretty bitchin'  day.
It started out with me waking up late, as I usually do when I don't have to wake up early. My friend was coming down to help me track down Sufjan Stevens tickets and be generally awesome with me throughout the day. I was late getting there, and there was some bench confusion, but she was all fly and suited up, much like Late Night Subway Slick Guy.

Sadly, no Sufjan tickets could be tracked down. They were ALLLL sold out, and I bet the show was fantastic.
HOWEVER, it was a bitchin' day nonetheless.
After a crushing defeat at two box offices, my friend and I decided to head towards my college, as I had class at 3pm. We had time to kill, but we had to go back anyways. On our way, I received the creepiest look of any man, ever. Except for that one construction worker.

Ugh he was so gross. In hindsight, he did look kind of rabbit-y. I think I drew him TOO rabbit-y though. It was the most blatant once-over, eyebrow-raising, icky smile face ever. I'll be sure to regale Internet of how many times I've gotten looks that are similar. I have a very colourful past with being hit on, but that's for another post.

ANYWAYS, so after that we traversed to Second Cup for some Nanaimo and London Fog. Mmmm so good. It there, where I learned that roses are edible. And there, where I envisioned this:

I didn't add any labeling, because I think it's pretty self explanatory.
My friend and I also created theories about this one, peculiar table in Second Cup. It really doesn't fit with the aesthetic of the place, and It's just... odd. It's purple, and green and yellow. It's got like a mosaic painted on it almost but not really, and the guy who did it signed his name.
We think that he went in there and just gradually worked on the table, and before anyone could notice... it was purple.

On a completely related note, I need flour. Shelby threatened to get me the BEST FLOUR EVER. And this is how it would be:

I missed an 'e' when spelling "pedestal" but you get it, right??

After leaving Second Cup, we went to my Art Explores Psychology class. The very class that prompted me to start this blog as an "illustrated journal" for that class. I'm saving paper and doing work! Yeah!
My friend, who is asexual (you should look that word up if you don't get it. They make up 1% of the population, you know), got to sit in a class dedicated to... sex. I found it ironic, at least.

We watched the Vagina Monologues and then proceeded to have a very sexual conversation. My prof drew a very... interesting diagram.
And then another, non-sexual interesting diagram about a dog.  I will try to reproduce it now.

For the record, my prof went to art school.

After class, we decided to go to the AGO. After last week, this was my second time there.
I noticed that most of the Canadian art pieces that were present in the Art Gallery of Ontario, were based around trees and mountains and stuff. It gives Canada more of a... natural message. Yeah, we've got trees and stuff, but if you've noticed, AGO, we also have quite a healthy amount of city. You know, you ARE located right in downtown Toronto. Just sayin'.

Before our AGO trip, though, we decided to go for dinner. Chinese food, awayyy! ~ We both had rice, but mine contained no meat. It was really tasty, and it was a beautiful restaurant. It was also reasonably priced. Or, as they were say, "reasounable".

The bottom of our menus had little scales, to tell us how spicy different dishes would be, in accordance with how many pepper symbols were beside the name. they had four levels:


The hand-drier in the washroom also had a typo. "Put hands underneath to Star Operation"

Star Operation.

The only thing that kind of  dampened the mood was the rain. (Heh, damp, rain, get it?)
It's not that either of us dislike rain, it's just that we didn't have umbrellas.

Our AGO trip was cut a bit short, as we got there too close to closing time. But, all in all, a good time. After a wasted white mocha latte, my day ended with a subway trip home, and my man-slave talking about hooker slippers.

It was a damn good day. Now, I'm 18,  and can not only vote, but gamble too! Oh how different my life has become. Thank you Shelby, for a wonderful birthday.

This was taken after the first box-office defeat.

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