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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crush Luther

So yesterday, I went out on the town, just 'cause. No obligations and $158 in my pocket. Well, on my debit.
I was really quite happy to get out of the house, as I was so bored I think my eyes were bleeding, just a little.
So, my adventure began, with Nine Inch Nails blasting in my ears, and a pocket full o' dreams!

But really, it was just a long ride on the subway.

So I get on the subway, only to be mildly disturbed.

Needless to say, I didn't sit there. I sat near there though.
I wasn't quite sure what it was. It looked too coarsely cut to be cocaine, but then again, I doubt many people addicted to cocaine are "detail oriented".
Another reason I didn't think it was cocaine, is because I feel like cocaine is a drug for, I don't know, slightly more dignified people. I mean, crack, yeah, that's a cheap one. But cocaine? I feel like someone just wouldn't be doing it on a subway.
So, while I sat, another girl almost sat on the scary powdery stuff, but instead decided to sit near me. She wore all pink, including her cap.
Somehow, I got her number. I didn't ask for it, it was pretty much forced upon me. She asked strangely specific questions, that were, for the most part, irrelevant to the situation. It went kind of like this:

Her: "Hey, do you mind if I sit here?"
Me: "Oh yeah, sure."
Her: "So, does this train go to Islington?"
Me: "Yeah, that's the next stop."
Her: "Nice outfit."
Me: "Thanks."
Her: "So I guess you're into metal, huh?" (This is a common misconception, didn't really strike me. However, why she would care, I have no clue)
Me: "Uh, nah, I'm more into industrial stuff..."
Her: "So are you 420 friendly?" (Where this came from, I have no idea)
Me: "Well, I don't do anything. I don't smoke or drink, I'm straight edge, but I mean, um, I have nothing against people who do stuff..."
Her: "Oh, cool. Yeah, I don't drink. I just smoke a bit of weed. I don't even smoke cigarettes."
Me: "Oh, well that's good."
Her: "So do you party?"
Me: "I'm not old enough, I'm 18."
Her: "Oh, so what are you going to do?"
Me: "I'm just bored, so I'm just getting out."
Her: "Getting the fuck out, eh? Do you play XBox?" (Not, videogames in general. SPECIFICALLY XBox. why, pink girl, why?)
Me: "No, I don't really do much."

Then she proceeded to ask me if I had a phone, and as a rule, I don't give my number to people I meet on the subway, so I tell her yes, but it's kind of messed and I can't make any calls. Then she INSISTS upon me taking her number, and before she leaves, she describes herself as:

"The sexy redhead with the dog-collar on."

So now I have Katie Thompson's phone number. I would make a good straight male.

So, after a long ride on the subway, I arrive downtown! Whoo! I decide to get off at Queen, and walk west, as Queen west is my favourite area in the city. It is, after all, the fashion district.

Everything starts well, I walk, I buy a shirt and a pair of shoes for $13. Aw yeah, I am thrifty. I go for coffee and drink it too. I head very, very far west in my very tall boots.
I foolishly forgo a trip to the Silver Snail.

Oh! And I saw some zombies.

They looked a lot better than I can draw. They all looked better than the guy in the middle, that's for sure.

They were all quite menacing indeed. It was kind of funny to see them having to use buses or the subway, because they all looked really mad doing it.

Then, out of pure foolishness on my part, I went into an antique store. Originally, it was to see if I could find a Christmas gift for my mother, I swear! And then I ended up buying a clarinet. It was only $55, which is a really good price for an instrument.
Now I just have to play it.

So, after I buy my clarinet, it starts to rain. And then I realize that I'm really shaky and unstable, which, as I figured out, was due to the fact that it was 5pm, and the only thing I'd eaten was 3 pieces of bread, at 1pm.
So, I sit in an alley, cowering under a tiny umbrella, trying to keep me, and my things dry.

Man-slave eventually comes to find me, and then we meet Batman.

And all of the zombies from before, now look like this:

Their make up had run, they stopped having fun, now they were soaked, instead of stoked.

I just rhymed, seriously.
But yeah, they were pissed. all of their make up was everywhere, they looked all mad. They were scarier than they were before. I think it added to the effect, really.

We eventually got home, after meeting up with man-slave's friends for a short period of time, getting wet like the zombies, and me not actually getting any food until we got home. Also he made me buy him four shirts.

When I was in the alley, I saw this:

I don't know why, but I really liked it. It doesn't make any sense to me, but to someone, it sure does.

Anyways, that was my yesterday. I'll probably post a lot more this week, because it's intersession week, and I will have NOTHING to do. Seriously, NOTHINGGGGGG. Agh. Alright, this post is complete.

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