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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween, Synonymous with Nostalgia

I like Halloween. For the most part. Of course, in recent years, the saying "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" has been unhinged Halloween after Halloween.

Dressing the way I do, it's common for people to think that I'm wearing a costume when really, I just slapped on clothes that morning. Of course, I don't mind, and on Halloween when things get especially misconceived, I still don't mind.

I DO, however, mind the little farts dressing in black lipstick and cheap lace acting stereotypical. I'm mildly insulted, but I suppose it's not that bad. I'm not going to put on a one-person riot, or make hundreds of Youtube videos describing how "upset" I am about this.

I do see a problem with it in a sense, because you can be ANYTHING you want on Halloween and you choose to be a poorly put together goth? Seriously people, save your children. Dress them like a Griffin, or a dual headed snake or something. That is WAY cooler.

Of course, with all of this wonderful festive spirit in the air, there are some people who are ecstatic, and others... who are not.

The above is a picture I just drew, of a guy I saw on the subway yesterday. Most of the Halloween parties occurred yesterday, and there were people in costume on the subway, going where they needed to be for a night of merriment and being costumed.

Mr.No-Fun-Face was scowling at them the whole time.

If I ever get to a point in my life where I DON'T appreciate a woman dressed like a fairy unicorn, or look down upon a hairy-legged man in heels wearing lipstick that is SO not his shade, I give you, Internet, permission to mercy-kill me. Just call it suicide at that point.
*As a note, calling mercy-killing "suicide" does not exempt you from legal implications of murder. Don't kill your grandparents.

On a not related to Halloween, but not related to old people, I have officially decided that Halloween should be given to Adults.
It's a child's thing right now. Children rule all they see before them, and are triumphant in their free-candy reign.

We the teenagers, the young adults, even some slightly older adults, would be SO much better at Trick-or-Treat-ing, than our young counterparts.

Here, my lovely Internet, is why:

And that, is why kids suck at Halloween.

Happy Hallow's Eve, all spooky patrons of this holiday!

Merry candy-collections, and much more.

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