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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things I Hate (Part 1: An Indefinite Part Series)

I hate a great many things, like most people do. Little things, stupid things that just make our lives a LITTLE worse. Inconveniences that are SO inconvenient that HATE is an appropriate word to describe how intense you feel about them.
I'm kicking this series off by giving an angry scowl to the Blue Tooth headset. Nifty, for driving. Kinda neat for not having to hold on to your phone and get your ear sweaty. NOT okay for grocery store line ups.
It starts like this:

And then there's a pause. A calmness, a stillness that makes it seem as if the very fabric of the universe has unraveled. Then... You get this:

And then I cry.
SORRY mysterious person on a Blue Tooth headset. Maybe if you wore a SIGN or something identifying yourself as a headset-wearer, we would get along, 

This problem will only get worse. I can feel it. 

Grocery store line up people who get all mad because THEY look crazy talking to themselves, and then embarrass you for thinking that they may have been addressing you, must be stopped. 
It just makes grocery shopping that much worse.

On another note, LOOKIT THIS. 

Figured I'd need to calm y'all down after freaking you out with Satan-woman. That's all for this post, folks! Tune in tomorrow, when I post something else!

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