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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Message to All of my Sick Comrades

Dear Sick People,

Stay home when you're sick! You're a festering pustule of bacteria and contagions, and whenever you BREATHE you infect somebody.

Seriously, if you look like this, seriously, don't come to work, school, or leave your house unless you're going to the drug store to pick up something to make you feel better. You can afford to take a day off, you can afford to not go to class. You can afford to take a day off life. 

Sick People, please, don't think that because you took some Tylenol or some crap that you're "better". You're still sick as hell, you're still going to kill us all. Don't be a sneaky sick, that doesn't make you better.

Sick People, you're sick for  a reason. Your body is mad at you. It hates you. Stay home, it's not a crime, in fact, it saves the rest of us. Being trapped in an elevator or an awkward office pass-by with you, is not fun. Please, just, stay home.

Sincerely, a Not Sick Person. 

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