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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update of Wonderment~

Well hello there, Internet.
I know I'm a terrible person coming to you after all this time, begging you to forgive me for my negligence.
There's just been a lot going on, y'know?
I will try to explain it in as much detail, but as few boring words as possible.
I considered removing all of the vowels to achieve this, but realized that that would take away from the actual readability of this post...

ANYWAYS.~ (as an aside, I've developed a mild obsession with these wiggly things --> "~". It's like they're the holy grail of keyboard characters.)

So, waaaaaay back in May, I got to do a placement-y-internship-esque type thingy! Whooo.~
I was placed in a high school for mentally disabled students. It was kind of cool, got to have some experiences that other students in my year didn't. I'm very timid, so I can't say I did exceptionally well, because I was too afraid to really do anything. But I got comfortable eventually.

The highlight of this experience was a new nickname. Y'see, just because they're 17 year-olds learning at a 10 year-old level, doesn't mean that they don't have 17-year old urges. I worked around mostly males. Essentially, long story short, my massive breasts (despite valiant efforts on my part to hide them) earned me the nickname "Super Tits" among some of the students.
This is SOOO going to be my next Halloween costume. Jus' sayin'.

So, during placement, I took a week's vacation to attend the best 5 days of my life. Really, it deserves its own post, because it was monumental and fantastic and I loved every fucking minute.
Basically, it was a music festival where spooky and strange folk alike gathered in Montreal to experience the raw awesomeness of Industrial/EBM/Synthpop/Obscure German genres music that we don't get much of here in Canada. It drew a worldwide crowd, I made friends, I got drunk, I danced my ass of.
I pretty much felt and looked like this for 5 days:

In retrospect, this self-portrait kind of makes me look like a fucked up Dr. Seuss character that's going to kill you in your sleep. But the point is, I was happy. VERY FUCKING HAPPY.
And then I got back, and finished my placement...

And then things went to shit.

Y'know manslave? I talked about him a bit... Yeah we broke up in June.
And then I had to move back in with my mother.
And then I got a job in July, and lost it 4 days later.
And now I can't sleep until 6 am, and find myself waking up disoriented at 3pm.
And I'm running out of money, and I still can't find another job...
And I've gained about 10 pounds.

So I've kind of just been wallowing, or hanging out with my friends a lot in an attempt to not wallow.
It's had mixed results.

So there you have it, Internet. I'm getting used to existing again, and things are still kind of bad, but it's getting better. ~ (Seriously, I just love those wiggly things)

Revel in the fact that my life is kind of shitty, and yours is probably way more awesome than mine is right now. If I didn't want you to be happy about my suffering, I wouldn't have made this post. I give you permission, it's quite alright.

But guess what.


Figured I'd end it on a silly note.
I'll post less depressing stuff later, Internet. I may or may not make a much overdue Kinetik (That festival that I mentioned) post.
Au revoir.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (SO MANY WIGGLES)

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