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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Important Contributions to Society


Yeah, that's right. I managed to get a job. Yeah, a job. I get paid for it and everything. What is my highly esteemed position, you ask? Manager? CEO? Inventor? Esteemed author? Award-winning.... something? President of the world? No. Better.

I hold signs.

Yep, I hold a sign for a mattress company in my hometown. I let everyone know that they're in business, that they sell mattresses, and that they're prices are totally bitchin'. Of course, this HIGHLY coveted position, this intellectually stimulating and high-paying endeavor is what I've always wanted to do. I work weekends for $50 per day, 5 hours of work each day. I get a hundred bucks a weekend, essentially.

This, in essence, was my first day of work:

And then I walked back and forth.

And then I saw ducks!

And then I continued to walk back and forth.

I finally began to embrace my sign-holding role. I was less embarrassed, I was getting in the groove.

And then.

Snow is a bitch.

On Sunday, it was basically the same deal, except I made friends with bearded men, at the place where I take my break. 

One of them had a "Mennonite Maniac" sticker on his truck. I found that amusing. 

I'll be sure to update you on any exciting sign developments in the near future. I will also be sure to draw fewer trees in my next post. 

I'm so sorry about those trees.

Sorry about the shortness. I'll be back soon, Internet. For now...

My Kitty! =3

See you next time, Internet. I'm working on a new post, so it shouldn't be too long now!

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